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The New Chasin’ Unicorns Vibes Emoji Stickers!

We are so excited to announce that we have just launched our very first iTunes app… the Chasin’ Unicorns Vibes sticker pack for iMessage.  We wanted to fill the gap for our mystical and magical unicorn friends out there who love them some unicorns, inspiration, sass, and more.

This is your one stop for all things spiritual, zen, conscious, and crystal healing related. Send good vibes and mystical realism to your friends and family, including crystals, angel numbers, unicorns, yoga poses, flamingo, astrology, zodiac, moon phases, witch, magic and modern symbols for the everyday god and goddess in you. Send your friend their favorite crystal or zodiac sign on a new moon or start a conversation with descriptive spiritual images that don’t need any words. Spread healing, love, joy, mysticism and positive vibes with every sticker you send.

So go and grab yours today, and don’t forget to leave us a great review.  If you have any ideas of stickers you want added to the pack, COMMENT BELOW as we hope to be constantly adding more!!! : )


PS, once you download, to be able to access it, follow these instructions:

On iMessage, click on the > button next to your text box.
Click on the ‘A’ for Applications.
Click on the + Store.
On the top right, select Manage.
Find the Chasin’ Unicorns App and allow it access (toggle green).

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