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Scent Of Danger: Ditch The Toxic Ingredients In Your Perfumes

An essential oil perfume roller is extremely handy to keep in your purse and dab on whenever needed. Works well and doesn’t contain dangerous toxic chemicals! Essential oils have various scents that can be beautifully blended together to create the most amazing fragrance ever and are known to last much longer than toxic fragrances. The scary thing about the $200 Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, ETC fragrances, is that the substances will leak into your bloodstream. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. So if you are spraying a toxic synthetic fragrance into your skin, the chances of it leaking into your bloodstream are 95% and can cause serious health issues over time. 

"Ahhh...the sweet smell of petrochemicals! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports that, while many popular perfumes, colognes, and body sprays contain trace amounts of natural essences, they also typically contain a dozen or more potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals, some of which are derived from petroleum. To protect trade secrets, makers are allowed to withhold fragrance ingredients, so consumers can’t rely on labels to know what hazards may lurk inside that new bottle of perfume.

“A rose may be a rose,” reports EWG. “But that rose-like fragrance in your perfume may be something else entirely, concocted from any number of the fragrance industry’s 3,100 stock chemical ingredients, the blend of which is almost always kept hidden from the consumer.”

Many conventional perfumes contain over a dozen chemicals that do not have to be disclosed on the label. - Scientific American.

Non-toxic, safe, better than effective, essential oil roll-on perfumes are the way to go. Those "allergies" from drugstore spray perfumes, if your body rejecting the chemical you are /spraying on your largest organ.  Our signature scents are made to replace all toxic popular drug stores and luxury perfumes, that do more harm than good. Get your very own safe, all-natural perfume with great scents!

Here are two of our safe, non-toxic, chemical-free, longer-lasting, best selling scents we have put together for you:

GODDESS BLEND:  Luxurious paradise natural blend of Lemongrass, Jasmine & Rose. Sexy, sweet, confident, cool, and collected scent, that will leave you smelling and feeling romantic. 

Our most reviewed and best-selling product of 2018. An invigorating scent with floral notes with true jasmine and rose really brings out delicate undertones. This exact blend invites love, seduction and promotes clean beauty, with a refreshed, relaxed, and renewed outlook, for your new product staple. Can boost confidence, mental health, and help to keep depression at bay. This blend of delicate scent and powerful oils can improve mood, stress, and balance hormones. An ancient natural remedy for depression, anxiety, emotional stress, low libido, and insomnia. Boost confidence fights depression.


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