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VoyageLA Interview with Samantha Strom of Chasin’ Unicorns

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
During my collegiate athletic career and after graduating, I was managing my own Promotional Marketing & Model Staffing Company, Promotionally. I owned and created this brand, logo, website, social media, and company from nothing and turned it into an agency of over 50 girls that I would book out for photoshoots, staffing, serving, yacht & poker partiers and all different types of marketing & events.

Over time, as I spiritually evolved and also got myself into a failing relationship, I knew that I was no longer passionate about Promotionality. I ended up selling the company right before we decided to create Chasin’ Unicorns, while I started taking freelance clients for marketing, graphics, and website design. After I graduated from college receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Communications with Honors, I developed a well-rounded business experience, from interning at the OC Register to marketing in the restaurant industry for well-known establishments in Beverly Hills and full-time advertising corporate positions. After leaving my last soul-sucking corporate job, a few months later Chasin’ Unicorns was born. What started out as what was only supposed to be a fun blog, quickly turned into a full lifestyle brand once we launched our very first product (by accident), of natural organic bath bombs with crystals in the center! We have an amazing following of customers and supporters who love the type of content we put out. Because of them, we have been able to grow quite quickly, and with the launch of our most recent monthly crystal subscription boxes, we have become one of the very first Crystal Infused Lifestyle brands on the market! Our customers respect the fact that we are non-toxic, safe, and a high vibration brand full of spiritual wisdom and products they can love and trust.


Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

No one tells you when you work for yourself your hours are 24 hours a day. I had to learn many things on my own (as most entrepreneurs do) and there were definitely some struggles along the way. There still are. As fun as it is making formulating your own products, running your own business, and not having to work for someone else, it can be quite draining and stressful at times. The most challenging struggle is figuring out how to delegate your workload and working on your business, not in it.


I have learned many of my lessons through trial and error and I am super thankful for the way everything is turning out. I still feel as though we are in the beginning stages and I am excited about our growth and future. Our current employees are those who started as customers and decided to come on the team because they believe in the vision. My biggest take away, and advice to anyone starting their own business is to be very careful and picky who you work with and take on as a business partner if any.

Also, be sure to sign contracts from the very very get-go and document everything. With partners, employees, contractors, everyone. Regardless of how big or small you might be. Had we not made and both signed a business partner agreement from the start (when we weren’t even making any money) things could have been a lot worse and messy when my early on partner decided to leave the company. That contract literally saved my ass.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Chasin’ Unicorns – what should we know?
Chasin’ Unicorn's mission is to educate, spread light, love, and awareness. Share our passion and findings for spiritual growth, as we raise our vibrations and progress through this journey we call life. To promote self-love, self-healing, unity, and wellness with all-natural, healing, chemical, and toxic-free products.

All our products are handmade by our amazing production team and created with all-natural, safe ingredients, plant-based food-grade oils, steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils, GMO-free, recyclable and reusable packaging, many certified organic ingredients. We never use synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum. Each of our products also comes with a crystal inside.

The unicorn is a universally beautiful and mystical creature that is untamed. With this general idea, we created Chasin’ Unicorns, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the search for things of beauty and awe, with a hint of a wild side. Here you will find the best products to help take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Not only do we make amazing products, but we are also the very first company to place a crystal and crystal powder inside of a bath bomb and skincare products.

Our trademarked signature crystal healing bath bombs are one of our best sellers. Also, every single product we make comes with a crystal inside or is crystal infused. We also just launched the first collection to our crystal infused clothing line, which is designed by myself. Which we hand crush our crystals into powder and embedded it into the ink of all our clothes while ensuring longevity, wear and wash. First of its kind.

We are known for our organic essential oils in our custom 30ml crystal skull bottles, our organic perfumes, body care and our monthly crystal soul love subscription box. Outside of that, we have an amazing monthly self-love astrology themed subscription box that delivers a months supply of crystals and self-care items, straight to your doorstep. I also provide intuitive tarot card readings and spiritual guidance sessions for our followers and clients. I am most proud of all that we have accomplished and the lives that we have touched and influenced by being 100% authentic and real with our followers. Never once have we not posted something, or shared something because we were scared people wouldn’t like it or approve. I think this alone is what sets us apart from others.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I have had many spiritual mentors whom I have learned from deeply that have changed my life forever.

One named Cinnamon, and she is an energetic healer in Santa Monica who has helped me on my spiritual journey and uncovering my blockages. My business partner now, my sister, Stephanie Strom, is amazing and the perfect and ying to my yang. My amazing grandfather who loaned me money upfront and for believing in me.

And of course, my family and my group of girlfriends who are my sisters, for supporting in me and loving us unconditionally. It means the world is seeing them all wearing our clothes or loving us and using our products. We also have some pretty amazing product makers and interns that kick-ass!!


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