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Chasin Unicorn's: Hello Subscription's Box Review

Below is a review by Hello Subscription, where they decided to feature our Dashing December Crystal Subscription Box.

The sturdy box was small, but was packed with so many goodies! Everything was well protected, and the glass bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid any mishap. And it was smelling good right away!

The box content is listed on a simple piece of paper with the value of each item. One thing that wasn’t on the list is these “House Rules from The Unicorn Club”. The white one is on a cardboard base, while the dark blue one is a magnet you can stick to the fridge or other surfaces. It’s a fun reminder to have fun!

It’s smooth, easy to spread on the body even when it’s cold in the house, and feels amazing on the skin. It has a nice sweet grapefruit scent that is fresh but is also a relaxing scent at the end of the day. My skin is so dry these days that it drinks this up, but I was surprised that I didn’t need a lot to satisfy my skin. Each pot comes with a randomly selected crystal inside and mine was a Raw (not tumbled) Rose Quartz (not pictured, I found it later). I was surprised by the size of it honestly, it was about one inch long!

Soapylayne Wild Flower Facial Steam. I have never used facial steam before, but I do use steam to breath better in the middle of a cold or allergy season. This one is not to help you breathe, but to open up your pores and warm them before applying a mask. It helps that it smells good as well with roses, calendula, chamomile, comfrey leaf, and rosemary leaf. It’s like a soothing tea for your face! I like it!

Spirit Element StarChild Celestial Body and Ritual Oil. This blend of oils contains Olive, Safflower, Sweet Almond, Grape Seed Oil, as well as essential oils of lavender, rosewood, sandalwood, and lemon with mica flakes. You need to shake the bottle to mix the mica with the oils and get this lovely shade of blue! You can use it as a body oil, or as a bath oil (which was awesome!) The scent is relaxing, soothing, and calming. I really really like it, the mica flakes make it feels so luxurious!

A Bird’s Moon Soy Candle – Vanilla Cinnamon. This candle smells amazing! The Vanilla Cinnamon was perfect for a festive ambiance over the Holidays! It’s sweet, festive, as if someone had spent a lot of time baking delicious cakes and cookies!

Bonus! Hum! Gummies with benefits. This was a 2 vegan berry gummy hearts sample for Stronger and Healthier hair. I like getting my supplements in the form of gummies as it satisfies my craving for sweets with benefits!


Chasin’ Unicorns Crystal Pack There was no information on each individual crystals, so here’s are my best guess, from top left, clockwise :  Rose Quartz (self love, love and friendship), Smoky Quartz (calms the mind, concentrate energies), Moss Agate (natural energy, optimism), Moonstone (emotional balance, and perfect for any moon and feminine energies). These are all lovely stone to have. Both the Smoky Quartz and the Moonstone are stones that we don’t get often through subscription boxes, so they were a nice surprise. They are not huge, but they are of nice size and they are easy to carry in a pocket when the need arises.

I loved my December’s Chasin’ Unicorns box! It was a lovely care packaged that really felt like it was curated for the season with its scent and skin concerns. My favorites were the Body butter, my skin can’t get enough of it, the body oil for my bath, forcing me to take some time to relax at a crazy time of the year. This is a great self-care box with lovely scents!

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