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A Perfect Self-Care Ritual

Life happens, and although Sundays are meant to be a day of rest, many times that may not be the case. On the days we need a good re-set, our self-care ritual looks like this:

We love to sleep in and wake up with our body's natural alarm clock, many times that is around 7-8 am on a Sunday.

Thank god for our luscious Silky Sleep Eye mask, which allows us to get a deep and extremely restful night's sleep as it blocks out all of the light in the room. Studies have shown that using a sleep mask over your eye lids when you are ready to go to sleep, tells your system that "you are safe, it is time to rest." The more you create this ritual, the faster your body will fall asleep.

We also love to reward our rise with something warm to sip, and lately, it has been Sam's coffee replacement recipe, you can find that here. This recipe is easy on your nervous system and gives you a natural boost of calming energy, and not to mention tastes deliciously sweet! Truly a perfect holiday mix. Did someone say Chai Latte with Hot Coco?

After this, we love to ground. Sundays we take our dogs to the beach barefoot, to really get some grounding energy from the sand. If you don't live next to a beach, try walking barefoot on some grass or a park. Stand firmly into the earth and visualize roots going down into the earth, and thank God while you are at it for blessing us with this beautiful land.

Many times we love to bring our travel notebook and write down the things that we are grateful for + our daily prayers. This notebook is also super handy to fit in any bag, we love using it to plan out our weekly to-do list or grocery items.

Towards the end of the day, we love using Sundays to declutter our space and prep for the week. Decluttering plays a huge role in making us feel calmer and can be a huge antidote for anxiety. If you have not tried decluttering your space or getting rid of all and anything that no longer serves you, highly recommend it! GAME CHANGING. 

When it is time to wind down for bed is when the fun begins. We end the day with a relaxing and long self-care ritual that makes us feel loved, pampered and ready to take on the week ahead.

Starting with a bath:

Add something fun into your baths, this month we have been loving the Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Bombs, our monthly Ritual Box Subscribers revive this in their November Ritual subscription box and those who register now until December 15h, will be getting a snowflake crystal bath bomb in the Santa's Kitchen Ritual Box:

Now inside the bath tup is where our fun begins! We love to pile on all the self-care goodies so that your bath turns into a pampering home sp. Here are a few of our bathing essentials: 

1.   Sheet masks while the steam from the bath opens your pores.

2.   Saturday skin facial peeling mask do this once a week to remove all dead skin cells.

3.   Body Polish for a silky smooth finish, we also love to use these as a shaving cream.

4.  We also love to take this time to do oil pulling for a deep oral cleanse.

6.   We also love to do a fun lip polish, our limited edition Pumpkin Spice will be dropping exclusively inside of our December Ritual box.

After the bath, we use our sister brands ultra healing and hydrating blue tansy for the most luscious and intensely moisturizing body oil to keep our skin silky smooth for the week to come. Sometimes we even love to apply this to the roots and ends of our hair 30 min before our bath for a great hair mask to keep our ends hydrated.


Throughout our entirely Ritual we also love to have light only by candles. Studies have shown that eliminating as much blue light as possible after dark increases serotonin levels and heavily improves sleep quality. Also be sure to light only soy candles, as they are a lot less toxic and harsh. Now... tell us 5 candles and some jasmine incense doesn’t totally set the vibe.

On a perfect night, we will also indulge in a book. Our goal is to read 10 pages a day. 

So in summary, this would be a sample of a perfect self-care routine! That is what we call a Ritual.

Looking to create a Ritual of your own? Checkout our ritual box: https://chasinunicorns.com/products/self-love-box

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