Prices are listed in US dollars and charged to your credit card in US dollars.

Delivery Services

Chasin Unicorns ships to all countries outside of the US. Foreign customs processing time varies by each country, so we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. International shipping transit times estimate arrival to your country ONLY and do not include time for customs processing. We estimate 1-4 weeks for customs processing not including transit.

Delivery Rates

Delivery rates vary depending on the amount of items ordered, and the country in which they are traveling to.  The shopping cart will automatically calculate this for you.  The best shipping value will be for larger quantity orders as we are able to ship based on size rather than weight.


Your order may be delivered to you by either the local post office or a local courier. Depending on your area, most orders will be delivered by your local post service so the package will be received with your regular mail. If you are not at the shipping destination upon delivery, a notice will be left instructing how and where the package can be collected.

Chasin’ Unicorns is not responsible for packages once they have left the United States. Issues with delivery should brought to your local post office.

Taxes and Duties

Depending on your country’s specific import laws, you may be required to pay local duties and taxes. These fees are not included in your shipping cost.