Live Crystal Sales

Get exclusive discounts, promo codes and one of a kind items you can’t find anywhere else when you shop our LIVE sales. We are offer Instagram Live Streaming video Sales 1-3 times a YEAR! Below is the whole run down of how they will work, so study up on the rules. Every month will feature brand new products, not yet available on the website and one of a kind exciting crystals to add to your collection.


  • Join us on our LIVE feed via our  Instagram account. 
  • Be the first person to comment ‘SOLD’ on the crystal/ item you desire, plus the price (stated), for example $25 would be: “MINE 25" and you will be the proud new owner!
  • There is no bidding Do not participate if you do not plan on completing your purchase within 48 hours. If you do not pay you will be banned from all future LIVE SALES, as you have stopped someone else from winning that item or crystal. 
  • Dm us your email address after shopping and we will email you your 1 click payable invoice. Shopping has never been funner!
  • At the end of the live sale, we will email you your custom listing, via clickable invoice where you will pay.
  • Boxes ship next after sale.


  • Shipping will be added to your total based on size and weight.
  • International will vary between $15-25. Dependent on weight and size.

"Although everyone may have a different experience with his/her crystal, apophyllite has helped me overcome some trauma in my life. I have severe anxiety and depression and have always been a very anxious insomniac person, even as a child. I have been through several obstacles and traumatic experiences in life including homelessness and domestic violence. This crystal has enhanced my ability to accept the things that have happened to me and share by helping others heal. I’m still working on it but Apophylite has been that boost I needed to help me feel clearly and gather my cluttered thoughts with wisdom. I bought it for half off during a live sale, I love being able to watch the videos during live sale and here them explain each crystals. Its so much fun!" - Bianca L

"Beautiful citrine points … great results while using them for a gemstone reiki session. Definitely will purchase from Chasin’ Unicorns again. The live sales are the absolute best!" - Andrea

"I just discovered their aromatherapy diffuser blends while using my girlfriends and am obsessed! I can’t wait to start my own collection and incorporate into my everyday essential oil use. I was able to try the bath bomb too that we shared and it made for a magical night. So excited I was able to snag a few for a discounted price during live sale!" - Charlee

"Just bought $500 worth of products for only $220 during live sale and I couldn't be more ecstatic! I actually fell in love with the lovers blend! It is very uplifting, I was having a bad day and put some of this on and my mood instantly shifted. It’s a must have!!" - Taliyah