After years of considering getting into coaching, I have finally felt the pull to offer personal Intuitive consultant readings, Tarot Readings, Crystal Healing and spiritual guidance to help you expand your self awareness, self love and learn how to self heal. I am ready to activate, guide and help. I have learned so much along my journey and understand what it takes for one to come into their own power and sovereignty. Many times we are so busy with the day to day hustle of life, we miss things that are right in front of our eyes. Or we self sabotage into pretending not to notice them, many times because we subconsciously believe that we are not worthy of greatness. The biggest reward in life is believing in yourself by having more self compassion or finding the proper mentorship, support team or tools to allow you t learn how to transmute your blockages, and  live a life that is only in love and gratitude regardless of the circumstances. 

As a self taught Tarot reader and spiritual blockage advisor, in our readings I will a variety of tools or cards, as a reference to speak on what intuitively comes through to me on messages that may bring you clarity.  I will also be using techniques that I learned in England during my Healing Certification course, by calling in your guides, angels/arc angels and highest self to provide you with the strongest possible healing at that time. All you need to do is to be open.


I currently only offer 7 clients per month, for 1 Hour long sessions,  for flat rate of $111.  Following each session you may receive a session re-cap and tools and sometime “homework” to incorporate into your new found daily spiritual or self love practices. I am also open to giving coaching during these sessions on how to start a small business, brand yourself, follow your passion and entrepreneurial advice to those who want it and don’t know where to start.

Sessions will be held via phone /facetime or in person.   To book a session please fill out the form below, with ALL of the following: PHONE NUMBER, AVAILABILITY, LOCATION (if international, you will be in charge for covering phone cost or setting up messenger or skype), YOUR GOAL:


Many people are only concerned about the emotional, mental and physical states, but issues relating to those three areas are because energetically and spiritually the person is out of balance. When we were born into the grids of denseness, where you are now, you take on pain and fear patterns from the people around you, which creates an imbalance within the energetic system. Already the young child is taking on beliefs from his or her parents, both beneficial or not. Also past lives affect the energetic balance and imbalance, and thus much clearing needs to take place.

Because together, we hold much power.  Together we must awaken what is within us! It is now time to connect you back to the true love frequencies.

Spiritual Guidance, Spirit Guides, Blockages, Intuitive Tarot, Energy Healing, Heal from Past Rejection, Guide you to Find Your Passion/ Purpose, Help with Self Love / Confidence, Manifestation, Small Business, Entrepreneurial Advice, Twin Flame & Soul Mate Understanding & More

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