One of the only crystals that does not need to be cleansed or charged. It is also the only other crystal that can cleanse and charge other crystals. Place crystals on selenite for a min of 20 min to cleanse them.

Selenite Crystal Powder Fairy Dust Chasin Unicorns

Fairy Dust – Selenite Start Over


100% Crystal Powder Fairy Dust, used to signify a new beginning and a clean slate.  Our thoughts create our reality.  Sprinkle dust when in need of a fresh start, a change or to remove negative thought patterns.

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Selenite Cube


Grid your rooms with 4 selenite blocks—one in each corner of the room—to create a seal of protection and light around your space.

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Selenite “Good Vibes” Bar


Cleanse an area, person, or object of negativity, re-charge crystals and so much more. Keep by window seal, near journal, and anywhere that needs the energy.

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