Q: What does a subscription to Chasin’ Unicorns Self-Love Box include?

Our monthly box is curated to have nourishing self-love products to enhance mindful self-care rituals. You can expect to see a mix of 5-7 products in each box, in categorizes of crystals, ritual tools, clean beauty, hair-care, teas, wellness supplements, home decor and more. Many of the items we feature are made exclusively for subscribers and aren’t available anywhere else. All items will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

    Q: Can I pick the items that I’ll receive?

    No. Unfortunately due to the number of boxes, we are unable to customize boxes. The Ritual Box consists of a selection of products curated with the zodiac in mind. If you receive an item that you do not like or can not use for that month, you can gift it to a friend.

    Q: When will I receive my first box?

    If you sign up BEFORE the 15th, you will receive the CURRENT month's box. If you sign up on the 16th or after, you will receive NEXT months box. 

    (i.e. if you sign up between January 1 and January 15, your first box will ship the week of January 15th – If you sign up between January 16 and January 31 your first box will ship the week of February 15th) Every month on the same date you subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email about your automatic renewal.

    Q: My card was not charged until after the 15th. How do I get this month’s subscription box? Is it too late?

    Please make sure your card is updated and active before your billing date and before the 15th so you don't miss out on that month's box. If your card is declined, we will try to charge you again within the next few business days. If we charge you after the 15th, your subscription will not go out until the next month. 

    Q: When and how often will I be billed?

    You'll be billed for your first box the moment you sign up. You'll automatically be billed on the same day the following month. You will be charged the monthly fee and applicable sales tax for your recurring subscription on the same date that you first signed up. You are able to edit your charge date through your account when you login to your account from our website. 

    (i.e. if you sign up March 18th you will be billed the 18th of every month)

    Pre-Paid Subscriptions

    If you purchase a 3 or 6 month prepaid subscription you will be charged in full on your first initial purchase. Your subscription is set to auto renew unless cancelled before your next billing date.

    Q: Can I purchase a one-time box or gift that won't auto renew?

    Yes! You can purchase 1 single box with no subscription, Click Here and be sure to click "One Time Purchase" before you click "Add to Cart."

    Q: Do I need to do anything after I subscribe to receive my first box?

    A: Nope, just patience! Please allow 5-10 business days after the 15th to for your box to ship. We ship the entire week of the 15th of each month. You will receive a shipping notification to your email. If you don't receive an email regarding your shipment past the 25th of the month, nor did we announce about delays, please email [email protected] to resolve your issue, your subscription is important to us! Please also make an account when you subscribe so that you are able to login and check the status or update the payment method or billing on your orders.

    Q: Do you ship worldwide / internationally?

    Yes! Shipping to Canada is $15.00 USD per month. Shipping anywhere else is $25.00 USD per month. From time to time, international customers do incur customs, duties or tax charges to accept their package. These fees are out of our control and are the responsibility of the customer to pay in order to receive their package.

    Q: How do I update my subscription shipping address or billing information?

    If you are a subscriber, you are directed to create an account with us on our website. Through there you are able to update your shipping address and billing information at any time. Click here to login and access your account dashboard and shop portal. You must update your shipping address BEFORE your next payment date.

    Q: What if I didn't update my shipping address in time and my order went to my old address?

    Unfortunately, we won't be able cover your shipping costs to have your order shipped again to the correct address. We will send you a new order free of charge, however we will charge you to re-ship it. 

    It is important that your account address is changed before your order is processed. If you ordered already was processed that month and you received your order confirmation with the incorrect address, you will need to email our team asap to have us manually change your shipping address. If your address still needs to be updated after you have been billed and your order has been processed you will need to email customer service in order to change it. If we aren't notified before your order goes out it will go to your old address.



    Q: What is your refund / return policy?

    We rarely have issues with our products or boxes but when we do we always work hard to resolve any issues that come up. All of our products and box orders are final sale, and not available for returns or refunds. If you receive a product that is defective or if an item is missing from your order, we will be happy to ship you a replacement. Please do not ship items back to us, you can keep any defective products. 

    Q: How do I Cancel? What is the cancellation policy?

    To cancel, login to your Chasin' Unicorns account and under the “Subscription(s)” tab section you’ll see a “Manage Subscription” button. On the next page you can click “Cancel Subscription” (bottom left) or “Skip Next Renewal” (top right). After cancelling, you'll still receive any boxes you’ve paid for and then your subscription will end. Monthly subscriptions auto renew on the day you signed up for the box. If you cancel your subscription after being billed, you’ll still receive the box you were billed for. There is NO cancellation fee but we will be sorry to see you go! If a payment has gone through and you failed to cancel or let us know 48 hours prior to your charge date, you will not be refunded. You will receive your last box, and will be cancelled for all boxes moving forward. 



    Q: When do boxes ship?

    Boxes are shipped the week of the 15th every month.  You will receive an email when your box ships, so you can track it to your doorstep. If you don't see this email in your Inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folders. Please allow up to 24 hours for the shipping carrier to update tracking.

    If you ordered a box or product from our Boutique, they will ship in separate boxes within 1-4 business days unless otherwise noted on the product page. Please be patient as multiple item orders will result in boxes arriving a few days apart.

    Q: How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping for the Ritual box subscription plan is $7 for US residents,  $18 for Canada and $25 for all other countries. We ship worldwide! 

    Q: What if my tracking says delivered, but I haven't received my package?

    If your package was sent back to us due to Failed Delivery or Unclaimed package, we will not cover the cost to ship it back to you. We will charge you a shipping fee to send it back. Please contact customer service [email protected] to reship your order.

    Please call your local mail carrier, depending on your shipment (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL) and see if your package was damaged, lost, stuck at customs or being sent back to us. If they don't have an answer for you just yet, we suggest filing a claim with that specific carrier. We will not re ship any boxes that show proof via tracking they were delivered. 



    Q: What Payments methods can be used?

    A: You can pay using a debit card, a credit card, or PayPal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. At this time we are unable to accept Shopping Mall Credit Cards, online credit, eGift Cards, gift cards, or any other payment methods not associated with Chasin’ Unicorns. ***Chasin’ Unicorns gifts cards are ONLY accepted for a one-time single box purchase.***

    Q: Do you charge sales tax?

    A: If applicable, sales tax for CA will be added to your monthly subscription fee.

    Q: Can I use a promo code when purchasing my subscription?

    Yes, but the promo code will be eligible only for your first box, not on your following auto renew boxes to come.



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