Aromatherapy E-book

Learn more about the benefits or aromatherapy and essential oils.

Download this Aromatherapy Ebook made by our favorite diffuser brand Hathaspace.

Integrating aromatherapy into your daily life is simple and fascinating. Watch as relationships repair, headaches and stress begin to ease, and the family seems to become happier and healthier.

It is very easy to get worried about the safety aspects of essential oils and become bound by the science, but allow your subconscious take you on a voyage of discovery through fragrances and their effects. Create blends using your nose and intuition first, then check back at safety data last. Then finally check safety data again, just to be sure! Read as many books about the art as you can! To say the lists in the book are not exhaustive, is an understatement, to say the least. When you find an oil that resonates with you, read more about it. Try to ascertain what healing nuances might be taking place. Each oil relationship is an incredibly intimate thing, as memories, cultural significances and simple likes and dislikes will play a part. My relaxation blend might be entirely different than yours.

Make your blends personal. Focus on how they make you feel. Watch as your thoughts adapt and your physical body follows suit. It’s a fascinating journey; one that has intrigued perfumers and healers alike, for generation after generation and one that we hope you too will come to adore.

Why not have a go at designing your own signature fragrances now, and see how life takes a blissful relaxing turn? Learn more about the benefits or aromatherapy and essential oils