Bath Salt Trio Full Set up Pre-Order

Cleopatra's Love $35

Pink Himalayan salt infused bath water with vitamins and a seductive aromatherapeutic blend of Rose, Jasmine, and Lavender to calm and induce self-love inducing experience.

Aura Cleanser $34 

Magnesium salt bath water with minerals for an aromatherapeutic blend of sage & lemongrass.  Help calm the senses and prepare for an intentional cord-cutting, or releasing bath soak. Great to use after an emotional week, argument, long road trip, or a night out in a crowd.

Cosmic Bloom $32

Pink Himalayan & sea salt. A meditative blend of lavender aroma to calm the senses, relax the body, plus an amethyst crystal bathing meditation ritual.


Amethyst Glass Salt Jar $60 value

Upgrade your set and your bathroom with our signature beautiful crystal top glass bath salt jar. Multi-purposeful and brings the vibes straight to you. 

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