Cure Tooth Decay

Downloadable PDF e-book. The truth behind western dentistry risk, how to remineralize your teeth, heal gums, really see if you need a root canal and more.


Remineralize Cavities & Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food

"We live in stress-filled times which unfortunately includes rising medical and dental costs. I see people in my practice who have just lost their job or their house. These people turn to modern foods as a mechanism for coping with their stress, and they wind up with tooth decay. I really understand the difficulty of their situations, and I endeavor to do my best to help my patients by teaching them many of the dietary principles outlined in Ramiel Nagel’s landmark book, Cure Tooth Decay. Those who follow the principles have a high degree of success in halting their cavities and those who don’t come back to me with more and more cavities."

This 198 page downloadable PDF book, will give you literally everything you need to know about how the western practices of modern dentistry has does more harm then good, ruined millions of Americans' perfectly healthy gums and teeth, and is a gold mind for cash. 

If you want to fully understand how you can improve and heal:

  • oral health issues
  • really understand if you do or do not need a cavity filling / root canal
  • why people get tooth infections
  • how to heal tooth decay
  • understanding dental plaque and gum disease
  • hidden causes of cavities,
  • how to remineralize your child’s cavities naturally
  • everything teeth health related

Then this book is for you. Do not make mistake of spending a fortune at the dentist for them only to drill holes in your teeth and fill them with toxic substances. You can heal your teeth naturally. 


“Many primitive peoples not only retain all of their teeth, many of them to an old age, but also have a healthy flesh supporting these teeth. This has occurred in spite of the fact that the primitives have not had dentists to remove the deposits and no means for doing so for themselves.” cited 213