Instagram 102 - Grow Your Following & Triple Sales

Downloadable 28 page PDF book for all small business owners just starting out on social media or entrepreneurs ready to build your social media in ways that truly work, with tools and tip that you can apply to all your social media platforms.

This PDF is from a handout we did for a presentation, on tips that we used to build our following organically, realistically and quickly. build your social media, Instagram platforms, to increase your sales, followers, and engagement.

A simple blueprint for small business marketing practices, that many other brands have taken/ copied and applied to their own small business with much success. 

  • How to grow your Instagram, youtube, facebook proper branding techniques, engagement techniques, how to collab with influencers other brands and advertise on social media.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • The 5 steps you need to have before you start marketing/ selling.
  • How to start an engagement group, create your own giveaway, affiliates, brand ambassadors, incentives and how to post a proper Instagram or story highlight.
  • How to utilize your bio and how to schedule your social media for the entire month.
  • What you should be posting, what you should never post.
  • How to brand your business, how often you should be posting, how to stand out from the rest.
  • Which type of post do the best
  • Tools, tips and tangible lessons for you to take home and use to prepare your own small business marketing the correct way.
  • How to use Hashtags and know the best times to post.
  • Much, much more.
We are in a new age, and it is important for all small business owners to be able to know how to properly market themselves and their business without depending on a third party, agency or outside source.
Download this PDF book and start implements these tips and tricks to grow your target market, sales, and overall marketing/ following.