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Aquarians: The Dreamers and Free Spirited Nomads

The Water Bearer

In tarot, the card to represent Aquarius is number 7, The Star.  The card depicts an angelic figure, often in or near a pool of water.  The figure holds two containers, representing the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind.  One foot will be in the pool of water, representing a link to the spiritual world, and the other foot will be firmly planted on the earth, representing stability and practicality. The duality is a balance between physical manifestation of the soul, and divine guidance from a transcendental realm.  The figure will pour the water from the containers, representing the nourishment of the earth.

As an Aquarius, you are a water bearer.  You represent the essence of sagacious expression, the answer to the undefined question of conscious existence.  You define the path through the fog of abstraction, offering inspiring clarity to those around you.  Additionally, you are meant to bear and distribute the complex and tortuous emotions of those around you.  Although it can be tiring, your ability to project such feelings of inquisitive curiosity and invoke the deep emotions of others, leaves the people around you feeling refreshed and inspired, even through simple interactions.  Your methodical approach to what are normally emotionally charged situations, often entices others to seek you out for advice or help.  As a water bearer and the last fixed air sign of the zodiac, you are a sapient and undaunting force in the lives of others.  You bring with you the infectious hunger of ascertaining one’s individual truth, with whatever it may be.  You encourage the exploration of reality in order to obtain the individualistic, soul-defining truth that is you and what defines your future.  Wherever you go, growth and furtherance follows suit.

The Fixed Air Sign

The sun enters the sign of Aquarius when the darkest time of the year ends, and days start to become longer.  Aquarius is the connecting bridge between the deeply grounded Capricorn, and the ruminative escapism of Pisces.  As the only fixed air sign of the zodiac, an Aquarius’ time begins in the center of the season.  Allowing them to be natural acclimates during times of change and easily become conscious to the deep erudition of what has already begun around them.  Although you will find the rudimentary meanings of complex situations easily exploitable, you will also find it challenging to break away from things, people and situations, even after it’s become deleterious or stationary.  Because you are a fixed air sign, delivered during the stagnant reign of Winter; you are a tenacious force.  You are born in perseverance and unwavering pertinacity.  Once you’ve determined your analytical process towards someone or something, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of working toward the success of something that cannot be.  Because you are resolute, it’s challenging to come across circumstances where things are immune to change or progression, regardless of the effort you put into it.

As a fixed air sign, it’s common for an Aquarius to fabricate things into their reality.  Whether that be material items, business hierarchies, or digital code, the systematic appeal promotes Aquarius’ to create, build and improve the things in which they can control and change based on their methodical perspective.  Because of their structured way of thinking, we loop back around to potential concerns surrounding their circumstantial problems and stagnant relationships.  As an Aquarius, you are constantly looking for ways in which you and others can evolve, improve,  and progress.  Subsequently, your determination to follow things through to the end, even over the course of a long period, may cause you to attach yourself to unchangeable people or circumstances; which will ultimately lead you to a place of repetitive stagnation and unhappiness.  Stay clear of situations you can see bears a pattern for unprogressive cycles.

Because of your unwavering determination to follow things to the end, you will often find success in most things you set out to accomplish.  On one side, you will enjoy constant fruits sewn from your labor and you can expect to find success in most circumstances.  Contrarily, you will often wonder if the benefits you reap are because of your luck and prophecy for success, or if it’s because you actually enjoy what you’re doing or if it’s meant for you.  Finding yourself in soul predicaments are a common occurrence, as you will periodically question yourself and your position in life.  You’re good at what you do and the path you’re currently on is providing you with fruitful rewards - but, is it something that defines your soul?  Is it progressing you farther?  If you’re successful at most of the things you set out to accomplish, does it relieve the stress of being successful in life, or does it accentuate the underlying basis of whether or not you’re successful for the right reasons?  You will often find Aquarius’ making (what seems like) drastic and unforeseen changes to their lives in order to adjust themselves to the ultimate transcendental truth they’re looking for.  This may come as a sudden job change, a hasty decision to move, sporadic traveling plans, or an unanticipated change in schedule.  To onlookers, these actions may seem abrupt and precipitous; but for an Aquarius, these changes have been manifesting for quite some time before they finally decide to act on their intuitive instincts.  Because of an Aquarius’ need for constant change and progression, it’s common to recognize this sign as a traveler, explorer, and sometimes a temporary influence in the lives of others.

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