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The Season of Beauty and Impulsiveness within Aries

Everything You Need to Know About Aries

The Ram

Aries is represented by The Ram as its glyph. The Ram is known to be fearless, headstrong, and bold. The perfect fit for people born in this season. The Emperor is the equivalent of Aries in Tarot, the leader. The Emperor’s,  an authority figure, image is sitting on a throne with a red cape symbolizing power, passion, and his thirst and energy towards life. The Emperor demands to be heard.


As an Aries, you always find yourself in the rabbit hole of looking for more challenging and new experiences. You are simply courageous. Diving in head first, there is no ounce of fear or hesitation to be found in you. But too much of this, and you end up in situations where you might not have expected to land. With your fiery personality, caution is something that is easily overlooked and you tend to forget that one thing affects another. And with this personality, you can likewise be easily angered by unnecessary nuances presented in front of you. As Aries rules the Head, they often lean forwards for speed and with uninterrupted focus. They perform any task quickly. You have to always be reminded that fast and great is good, but do not take your guard down. You can be quick and great and still be able to think of possible consequences, so when they arise, you won’t be fazed.



The Cardinal Sign

The Rising of the Sun in Aries, embarks the beginning of Spring season and the start of another cycle of the Astrological calendar. If Pisceans are considered to be the Wise old souls, considering all the lessons they have learned from the months that have passed, Arians embark on this season with blind optimism, trusting themselves, and firing up the passion within. This season will bring courage, boldness, and unfathomed ambitiousness. And because Arians jump in straightaway, and just think of their actions after they did it, you should watch out for impulsivity. You might find yourself deciding at the spur of the moment, and then having to learn life lessons the hard way. Combat it by staying grounded, or talking about your plans with people closest to you. Let them share what they think, let them help you keep your feet on the ground and to healthily evaluate the risks accompanied by such decisions.


As Mars rules the Aries Season, you might find yourself in thirst for the things you desire the most. This desire will be the main culprit of your unwavering passion and undeterred determination to keep on moving forward. You will be intent on your ways, and adamant with your actions. You know what you want, you know how much you want it, and sometimes you might not know the “how” but you know for a fact that you will get it. You have a clear vision of your aspirations and you lead your way to it. This is a good season to achieve your goals; to channel that Aries energy in reaching for the stars. If there is something that you badly want to start with, say for example, a new business venture, a new hobby, a new career milestone, set it now and dive into it. The Aries energy will give you the courage that you badly needed to be able to start, it will give you that push, that craving to excel and to exceed. This energy might cause you to be self-serving at times, watch out for signs of selfishness, even for moments of explosive anger. When Arians are so focused on what they want, they tend to forget that other people exist and that they too have feelings. Do not disregard other people. Offer your help and advice to those who need it. Give people that encouragement. Share your fire to those whose light seems weak.


You with your impeccable leadership traits empowers you to unconsciously shepherd others. You are constantly facing new encounters. And in this season, you might want to learn a thing or two from people you meet. Your career is where your talents of creativity and ambition shine the brightest. Aim for that promotion or raise. Close that sale. Ace that interview. You know what you can do, and you are never afraid to showcase it. Competition is but another encouragement to do even better. Always keep yourself in check for lack of patience, impulsive behavior, and outbursts of anger. Contain the fire. This will be a time for you to rediscover yourself, to find and have the courage to act, and to dare want what you boldly desire. While you work hard and strive even harder for that goal, do not let yourself disappear in hindsight. Take care of your health and remember to take a rest. Even the strongest of all can experience exhaustion. Know when to give yourself ample time to cope and rest, in doing so, you are also allowing yourself to be even better. When you take care of yourself, you give yourself a chance to gather energy and thereby not spend energy, you are saving it to use for things that you choose, things that  bring your life joy and peace. 


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