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Aries: The Ram

Everything You Need to Know About Aries

Hello Unicorn family! Can you feel it? Spring is in the air as we are gearing up to enter into the season of the Ram and restart our year around the zodiacal calendar! (For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to the letting go of fall!). Spring is the time of new beginnings, new growth, the birth and early infancy of the life-death-life cycle, as our trees are leafing, daffodils are bursting through the ground, all kinds of animals are giving birth to their young. Life stirs clearly again and shakes itself free after the long, cold nap of winter. And this is where the energy of Aries comes in.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiacal wheel of the year, springing forth into existence with the energy of existing, of making its mark upon the world. Aries is represented by the Ram, a powerful symbol of movement, force, forward momentum. Aries says, “I am here, I stake my claim upon this life and my place here in it.” In this way, Aries represents the spring equinox and this bursting forth of new life that comes at this time of the year. In spring, new life needs to act quickly to grab a good patch to grow, to give birth, to start running, to stretch towards the sunlight, to find the best berries after the long famine of the winter months. This energy is self-oriented in that it focuses primarily on the well-being of the individual, on establishing itself solidly and firmly, without giving as much mental space for a more collective well-being. That selfishness is often very important, as it enables Aries to claim its territory and show up fully as who it is. This can sometimes, however, lead the Aries personality to run over others as they might not always figure as prominently in the calculations of an Aries person. While they are going off and doing what needs to be done for them, they may forget that there are other people who might need support or who also might be trying hard to fulfill their own needs, and if these needs of others’ clash with an Aires’ need for themselves, then tension can sometimes ensue. For this reason, a person with strong Aries influences will often need to work to balance between their more aggressive nature so they are not so self-centered that they forget to give space for others. This is where Aries can tap into their opposite sign of Libra to remind themselves to achieve balance and keep the ideas of harmony and equality in their minds.

For Aries, so much of life, therefore, might be felt as a competition. Even when it isn’t meant to be! Have you ever felt your blood pump a little harder with excitement and that exhilarating feeling of winning when you pass someone on the freeway or beat your friends at a card game? Sometimes that can be all fun and games, but sometimes (and we’ve all been there!) we can get a little carried away and all of a sudden you’re feeling really competitive and frustrated that you didn’t win or angry at the other person or you start taking everything a bit personally. That can be the energies of Aries or its ruling planet, Mars, at play. Competition really can drive Aries, as they thrive in these kinds of environments where they get to prove their worth and show off their strengths and capabilities a little bit. And all that Fire in them can get them really riled up and intense; sometimes they are just really in to it and others don’t quite get their intensity, while sometimes they’ve maybe taken it a bit further in seriousness than the situation warranted. It all comes from the initiating, spring, bursting forth energy that Aries represents.

As an initiating sign of the zodiac, Aries is a sign of Cardinal energy, along with Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This energy gives these signs a strong push to get things done, to get up and go, to start down the path or dow hat it takes to make an idea into a reality. These are the signs that sometimes might be seen as a bit bossy or controlling or single-minded because their focus is on making the thing that they are imagining happen.

Aries’ Fire energy also brings this sign lots of passion, soul excitement, movement, and momentum. The Fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), like the Fire element in Tarot (Wands), are connected with the spirit, with motivation, with the push to accomplish things, also with the spark of joy and excitement, or the heat of sexual passion and flame. These are not subtle signs, by any means! Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, represents the interpersonal fire, the soul flame passion for oneself, the energy that helps us to make things happen and get up and go for ourselves because we want to do something and we know that it is right for us and we are just going to get out and make it happen. This is a slightly different energy from the interpersonal fire of Leo (the heart-centered bravery to come up and stand on stage for self and for others), or the collective fire of Sagittarius (the arching arrow that explores philosophy and expansiveness that can be brought for all). The three Fire signs share a great vitality, life, verve, excitement, intensity, heat, and passion, all just brought to different areas of life.

As I mentioned above, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, who represents the god of war from ancient Greco-Roman mythology. Mars as god was a viril, reckless, adventurous god who laughed as he rode into battle because he enjoyed the adrenaline rush, the excitement, the glory, the heat of the moment, the lack of knowing what was going to happen, the competition, the winning. It is no surprise, then, that this is the energy that guides and shapes the ways that Aries personalities may interact with the world. If you have a strong Aries placement in your chart, look to where Mars is situated as well, as that will help you to understand in what ways your energy to go forth and conquer is expressed and manifested and what are the deeper ways in which your Aries energy is expressed uniquely and you may or may not resonate with all the aspects of Aires you read about here or in other zodiac descriptions.

Even if you don’t have a strong planetary body or influence in Aries, you still have Aries impacting areas of your chart; you may have other planets or asteroids in that sign, and it rules one of your houses (areas of your life). So even if you don’t resonate strongly with any Aries characteristics, then you may still feel like there are areas of your life where you can get particularly intense and passionate and competitive, and that might just be the house that Aries is ruling. For me, Aries starts at my Descendant and rules my 7th house, so I can be a bit intense in my partnerships (good thing that as a Libra rising I have lots of the harmony energy to smooth things out!). And we all are getting a little bit of an extra boost of Aries energy right now. Chiron, the wounded healer centaur planetoid, moved into Aries on February 18th, giving us a very individual focus on making our own healing happen; and we all become a bit more Aries when the Sun is in this sign, so we might be feeling a bit more impatience and chomping at the bit!

There is so much we can learn from Aries about how to make our mark and do the things that we need most for ourselves instead of worrying so much about everyone else. Sometimes we all just have to put ourselves first instead of filling up others’ cups. For Aries, this need is essential, and we can learn some truly beautiful lessons about existing and manifesting here on earth from this fiery, passionate, bold ram.

About me: I’m Victoria, and I’m a part-time intern for Chasin’ Unicorns and full-time medical student interested in psychiatry, especially working with children and in global mental health. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising. I stumbled into the world of crystals during my Saturn Return and quickly became immersed in the realms of mystical and spiritual tools for self-empowerment, including astrology, tarot, and Ayurveda. And I’m always ready to learn and explore more! You can find me on Instagram @thescalesofthegoat for Astro and tarot fun!