Building A Power Base Within The Chakra Systems

Lower Chakras

A strong base Chakra: This person feels deserving security, abundance, a strong foundation of flow coming in, and loved. A strong base chakra gives solid, strong foundation for growth.

A strong Sacral Chakra: This person feels deserving of a good life, of strong abundant love flows, and has healthy, loving sexual flows. Money flows in abundantly and the flows out are balanced. This person is assertive and will only give from the heart with love and higher guidance.

Side Note: When one gives from the heart, the energy will flow back more than was given. When it is given out of force or guilt, that energy and more will be lost.

A strong Solar Plexus: This person has inner security, contentment, strength, trust in the Divine, appreciation for all things received, gratitude, does not blame self or others, love for self, is a great forgiver, keeps energy boundaries tight, determination, drive to fulfil his or her’s ambitions, goal oriented, focused, works with the heart flow or love, and follows the heart.

A person who is spiritually aware and has a strong Solar Plexus has strong spiritual guidance and follows the higher path. A spiritually strong person is aware of higher love frequencies, and knows about protection as well as how to become stronger within that area.

What works against this chakra? Bringing judgement on self and others. Blaming self and others. Giving up on goals. Not feeling worthy of achieving or receiving. Doubt.

Higher Chakras:

A strong Heart Chakra: This person works with a path of love, joy, contentment, flows of higher guidance, flows of harmony, flows of forgiveness and trust in higher direction.

What works against this chakra? Self-pity, anger, spite, envy

A strong Throat Chakra: This person has strong self expression, is self nurturing, flows with trust within, flows with confidence, sees the beauty within, is not afraid to follow the higher path, desires to only speak truth and love, and is aware of things that are being created at the time. The spiritually aware person is aware of higher thoughts coming in and follows the higher guidance.

What works against this Chakra? Being negative with expression of self and others, being fearful of being ‘different,’ being fearful of being seen or noticed. Being judgemental and not seeing how beautiful one's self is.

Note: Whatever you say to another, you say to yourself as all things are a reflection of self.

A strong Third Eye Chakra: This person sees clear with inner vision, reaches up to higher guidance with strength and love flows, always seeks the higher loving guidance, knows that inner judgement interferes with the higher visions, lives in trust and love, and knows that clarity builds because of inner trust and love.

What works against this chakra? Ridiculing another or self. Living in fear of ‘seeing.’ Building fear and anger, which stops the creation of stronger flows of vision and stops stronger abundant flows of strength within.

A strong Crown Chakra: This person builds stronger communication with the Divine, receives stronger guidance from higher love dimensions, builds a strong love for the Divine and trusts the Divine, is receptive to higher guidance, follows Divine Love, and brings it into the heart.

What works against this chakra? Living in fear and anger, numbing self in life, not staying aware of Divine direction coming through, not trusting of the Divine, living in self judgement, anger towards other, not willing to see the higher path, lack of acceptance of inner heart truth.

Note: Clearer communication and Divine Guidance comes from being aligned with strong love, strong trust, and building a love foundation within one's self.