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December Capricorn Self-Love Box Ritual Breakdown

Welcome to your Capricorn December Self-love Box. We believe the ritual should be fun, mandatory and a time to reset and relax. Here is a breakdown of your monthly dose of Self-Care. Let the ritual begin! (Any orders for box placed after the 15h will be credited towards next months, Jan box. No exceptions).


Crystal Bar Soap exclusive Mythical Heights, Unicorn Angel Aura Bar.

The Spiritual symbol for Capricorn is a unicorn. Use this an imagine yourself as a unicorn climbing a mountain while expanding to higher consciousness. Bring more play into your life. Stop being so mature for your age and serious all the time, Capricorns!

Use the Angel Aura crystal inside as a stone and reminder of insight and place intentions into it for the type of connections you want to build for this new year. It will help guide us forwards a new and better horizon while healing the aura.

Chasin’ Unicorns Organic Crystal Meditation Ritual Bath Bomb.

Plan one night out of the month for a complete rebirth self-love ritual. Drop this skin softening bath bomb into the bath and lay still for 10 minutes in a quiet gratitude meditation and think of 3 things you are grateful and 3 things you want to call into your life. Use the crystal bible card in your box to determine what mystery crystal you got and journal out 1 page on how it relates to your current life situation. Place it under your pillow for the night.


Garden Fairy Co Herbal Relaxation Remedy, Non- Tobacco, Non-THC Pre-rolled joint.

Use this in the bath of on the night of your self-love ritual with the intention to remember your dream and relax into this new decade. The Dream Blend is non-tobacco, chemical and toxin-free, & made of completely natural and organic herbs. Mugwort, Mullein, and Coltsfoot have been used by Shamans and tribes for centuries for their respiratory cleansing properties, as well as aid in transformative and visionary work.

This product hasn't been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before use or if you are on any

medications, such as heart medications or diuretics. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Smoking anything may be hazardous to your health. Do your own research to decide if this product is for you. Gift to a friend who struggles with anxiety.

Chasin Unicorns full sized Rose Quartz Point ($18-35 value).

Place this stone over your heart and repeat “I love myself unconditionally, I am worthy. I trust myself. I open my heart to new adventures. I speak and work on the relationships in my life.” Place on alter or special area of the home.

Crystal Bar Soap Summit Soak Labradorite Capricorn Bath Bomb.

Labradorite helps lighten the pressures of the material world while allowing us to build and expand upon positive routines and habits. Connect to the ambitious energy of Capricorn while soaking. Write out one page of the new habits you want to start for 2020.

Chasin Unicorns exclusive Organic Lavender Essential Oil with Amethyst Crystals, roll on.

Use this daily, and during your self-love ritual for relaxation, calmness, to fight anxiety, headaches or promote a space of peace. Place on temples, wrist, neck, and feet. Use affirmation, “I am calm. I am here. I am present. I am relaxed. I trust the universe.” Roll this one your journal entry. Keep by nightstand or in a purse. Place intentions in Amethyst crystals of being building your inner intuition and knowing.

Beverly Hills Lingerie Exclusive coupon.

Buy yourself a gift this year and save. Or not. Either way do a sexy dance in the mirror appreciating your feminine and sexy-ness, on the night of your self-love ritual.

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