The April Taurus Self-Love Ritual Box Ships 4/15.

Everything You Need To Know About Pisces + The Valentines Box


In order to get this month's box, your order MUST be placed by Feb. 15th. 


Our Full-size crown chakra oil ($38 value, more than the entire cost of the self-love subscription box itself!) is making an appearance in our self-love subscription box this month. Meant to be used after you take your sexy rose bath.  We are hooking you up with all the tools (listed below) needed for next month's valentines box:

💌Step 1. Draw a bath and add your Jasmine Rose Witches Brew Pink Himalayan Salt + two full droppers of your Crown Chakra Oil to water.

💌Step 2. Light your Guava & Strawberry non-toxic soy candle to set the vibe.

💌Step 3. Use the Sage to clear your energetic field and set the mood.

💌Step 5. Collect all the fresh organic rose petals from the box (we are putting a lot!) and add to bathwater.

💌Step 6. Set an intention with your large clear quartz point of what you would like to bring into this cycle. Pisces are dreamers. No Dream is ever too big. Soak in the feelings with no interruptions.

💌Step 7. Play a soothing song (playlist available in our highlights tab) and do a 5-minute meditation with the intention of inner relation.

💌Step 8. Open your sweet treat lollipop and enjoy the indulgence of giving yourself this monthly pampering gift.

💌Step 9. When you are ready to dry, use your full-size amethyst crown chakra body oil (a $38 value, more than the entire cost of the self-love subscription box itself!) and tell everyone inch of your skin and body how much you love it:

Can also be used:

✨on entire body after shower⁠
✨as a hydrating bath oil⁠
✨on lips for extreme hydration⁠
✨on lashes to promote lash growth⁠
✨on the scalp to promote hair growth⁠
✨under the eye to prevent wrinkles⁠
💫during yoga or meditation⁠

Step 10. Brew a cup of your Chamomile and Rose tea from last month's sub box. Stay in this relaxed state with no guilt.

💥Journal Prompt: what habits can you add to your routine to bring more self-love and balance into this month. What dreams and desires have You been surprising? Pisces energy (when the box ships Feb 15th) will bring this to the surface.



Did you know that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is often seen as the sign that has gone through all of life, has lived all the aspects of the cycle, thus incorporates all the knowledge from each of the signs before it? But it's not all bubbles and bliss. The weight of worldly wisdom can push Pisces to want to escape at any chance we get. Does anyone know a Pisces with an addictive personality? 

Pisces represents the two fishes, as above so below. We like to go with the flow, so if it isn't a monumental event set in stone, you may have better chances of actually making plans with us by living in the present moment. Something spontaneous. Set plans that aren’t important, can stress us out because we never know what the moment or mourning will bring. Our mood when we set plans can and will change the day of. Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning it is extremely easy for us to turn into a chameleon soul and blend into any place, with any people, with any situation, and look as if we effortlessly just got it like that.

We are one of the more empathic and emotional signs so we can relate and sympathize with just about  ANYONE. One thing Pisces can do to help ground back to the Earth (since lord knows we live in the clouds) is to connect to and evolve through its opposite sign, Virgo aka my sister Steph! Being a Pisces has always fascinated me and I have always been so in love with the character and personality traits of this sign. I take pride in being a Pisces sun, but I also dread some of our emotional irrationality. I also get really excited any time I meet a new Pisces because I immediately feel like I am not alone in the world. We can be such dreamers, that sometimes the reality of the world weighs heavy on our hearts.  A Pisces will spend much time trying not to drown in our emotional pity parties. Trust me when I say we never mean too! Just as the tides have highs and lows we do as well. Many times on a weekly basis! As a water sign, the moon placement heavily affects our attitude.

Pisces: The Two Fish

Welcome to our February sub box, Unicorn loves! We are entering into one of my favorite seasons of the zodiac. Pisces energies that will be impacting us all starting February 13th.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac (the zodiacal wheel of the year actually starts with Aries, the initiation of spring and the rebirth after the depths of winter). 

Pisces is a water sign, the third sign in the evolution from Cancer to Scorpio. The impact of the watery nature is very present in Pisces, as it is an intensely emotional, empathetic, almost porous sign. Pisces is deeply connected to the mysteries of the world, all that lies beyond the veil, all that the intuition teaches us about the world beyond, the fantastical, the unknowable. It can be easy, therefore, for a Piscean person to get lost in those watery depths, in wanting to connect and merge with that which is on the other side and is separate from the everyday world we live in. Like Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces feels deeply; this is a sign that is profoundly connected to its feelings, to everything that the heart and the intuition have to tell it. Unlike Cancer and Scorpio, however, Pisces does not have a natural defense mechanism to help it when it is overwhelmed by feelings and sensations and emotions and projections and energy and the vibes; the Crab has its shell and its claws, the Scorpion has its stinger and its exoskeleton, while the fish’s shiny scales can reflect light but do little to deflect the emotional spear. This can make Pisces a bit more vulnerable to emotional wounding than the other two water signs. Pisces may also feel a bit more emotionally overwhelmed than other signs at events or by the emotions of the world, which can be a bit confusing for more brash signs (hi, Aries) or more disconnected signs (looking at you, Aquarius).

In addition, as a combination of a mutable sign and a water sign, Pisces is moved deeply by the desire to merge with the other, to enter so deeply into their understanding and consciousness that two can become one. This can show up in love relationships, and it can also show up in other relationships without life where a Pisces may find it hard to do anything that might hurt the other person, even if they are feeling a bit like a fish out of water or delicate. A Pisces might also seem a bit quick to change in temperament or have rapid emotional switches, both because of the mutable, quicksilver nature, and also because of how they might be impacted by what happens around them when their energetic fields are still porous.

This desire to become, to take on, also comes from the duality of the two Pisces fish as they swim. It is said that one fish always swims towards the heavens, bringing down the knowledge from above, while the other fish always swims underwater, bringing up the knowledge from the depths. This is also what gives people with strong Piscean energy in their charts their connection with the more mystical aspects of the world, their extra-attuned psychic senses, their closer connection to the magic of the world. They are constantly integrating and bringing together this information from the other realms, from the beyond. They want to know and enter into the mysteries. This is something that can sometimes drive Pisces to seek to escape from the day-to-day world. It may be in part because they feel overwhelmed, it may be in part because they want to expand beyond this dimension; Pisces can seek to lose itself in things that seem to bring the Divine closer or make the daily realities fade away.

Neptune is the modern planetary ruler of Pisces (Jupiter was the ruler before Neptune was discovered). As the god of the seas, Neptune has an apt planetary connection with Pisces; in fact, Neptune is currently in the sign of Pisces in the sky and will be there until 2025, giving us all some extra energy around this desire to transcend reality and engage with the mysteries of life. If you have your chart (check out !) Then you can also see both where Pisces is, what planets occupy that sign, and also where Neptune lies, along with the houses for both, to understand in more depth how you may engage with all that is mysterious, where you may be most likely to go with the flow, and how you connect with your intuition.

Throughout this season, enjoy taking some time to celebrate the liminal space that Pisces occupies! Winter is letting go of its grasp upon the land, spring is just around the corner with Aries season to come. This can be a particularly potent time to engage in dream-work, to connect with your intuitive side, to learn how to balance your emotional connectivity with some good boundaries, to revel in your creative, imaginative spirit and faith in what will come.

We hope this month brings you many opportunities, time alone, and a certain kind of love that only you can experience for yourself. Xx

Crystals For Pisces

Here is a list of crystals for Pisces Astrological Energy:


Pisces is a sensitive sign, which needs a protection crystal. Amethyst provides spiritual protection. Generally speaking, all water energy signs can benefit from using Amethyst.


Aquamarine is the perfect meditation stone for Pisces energy. It embodies watery energy and the emotional side of meditative practices. It also can protect you from your own painful emotions, which may be amplified during this time.


Use Bloodstone to balance that emotional side. If you find you're becoming overwhelmed or too emotional, Bloodstone will tone it down. It is a stone that mixed emotion and grounding earth energy. Some legends say Blodstone contains the blood of Christ as it dropped to the earth; it is a combination of a very emotional time in Christianity that is grounded in the Earth.


Stabilizing and calming, Blue Lace Agate is perfect for use during the time of Pisces, when emotions are high. Use it to help communicate with yourself and others as you reflect on the past year and look toward the future.


Flourite brings air energy and focuses on your space. Emotions are fluid like water and sometimes require some lightness to show you what is the truth. Fluorite also can aid as your reflection leads to healing. 


As you reflect on the year your emotional state may leave you feeling stuck, unable to take the next steps. Jade provides stability and longevity so you can see the way forward.


Labradorite is probably the best stone for water signs. During this time of high, emotional and creative energy, your aura needs protection. You will be encountering many other people and energetic interactions need protection. Labradorite is also a great stone for reflection, transformation, and intuition. 


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of intuition and communication. Use it at this time to harness your creative, artistic powers and communicate these to the world.


Meditation with Turquoise can lead to healing and release from the past year as you move into the spring season.