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Meet The Maker, Samantha Strom

Interview by Melissa Gandarinho, from, an amazing cruelty free, health, wellness and beauty blogger who spends her time helping and educating readers and viewers, on becoming and switching to being cruelty free

Thus, here we are. With a purchase in for bath bombs and crystals, I can now say I’m on the Chasin’ Unicorns bandwagon and I’m so excited. You can tell these ladies really believe in what they create and what they sell. Crystals are really therapeutic and truly help those in need of it, and having these ladies create products that achieve that, is an amazing thing. So grab a drink and let’s get to know Sam:

As a company that focuses on being cruelty free and vegan, how hard is it to make sure all your ingredients stay true to the brand?

After I figured out what we wanted to work with, it wasn’t that hard to stay true to the brand. Especially when you know exactly what you want to put out there. So many brands these days on the shelves, I’m just like why? Why do you even have to add those ingredients? They may seem harmless at first, but can cause so many long term illnesses.  Makes no sense to me. Well besides for saving money & shelf life purposes I suppose. But as the world wakes up, companies and products must wake up too.

The name Chasin’ Unicorns, how did it come about, and like every other unicorn fan, why unicorns?

Chasin’ Unicorns is something that my ex partner Johanna actually came up with a year before meeting me. But of course - I felt like it was meant for me. That is the secrets to the universe - everything is conspired in our favor and working for us. This position and life path was meant for me before I even knew it! It has a double (if not more) meaning.  In marketing/business, a ‘unicorn’ is a product or service that takes off literally overnight and just goes crazy. In the mystical realm, unicorns represent the magic that surrounds us if you have the eyes to see it that is. In the current world we live in, unicorns represent the outspoken, the misfits, the weird, the unique, the original and the 'Dare to be Different's. 

The name fit so perfectly I decided to just go with it. And after I designed our logo it was case closed! Unicorns represent the unseen, mystical aspect of the world. Magic for those who believe and fairy tale for those who don't. Our fans and followers like to identify themselves as unicorns. Free spirits and spiritual. So unicorns let unite. You have a family, tribe and community here. You are not alone. 

The unicorn is a universally beautiful and mystical creature that is untamed. With this general idea I created Chasin’ Unicorns, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the search for things of self love, beauty and awe, with a hint of a wild side. 

Why did you make the decision to place crystals in the bath bombs?

I was in a flow state when the idea came to me. It was like -- DUH! And ofcourse I went with it. After doing some research on how crystals enhance the vibration of your bath water, it just made so much sense! Crystals are a great tool to evolve and grow and really work with specific intentions in yourself and your mind that you want to chance. When added to bath and drinking water, it can enhance the vibration and energy. It truly was a spur of the moment idea, that now many have micmiced and we aren't even mad about it! 

As ladies who truly believe in crystals and spirituality, what are some of your favorite crystals and which 3 do you recommend for beginners?

3 crystals for beginners would definitely have to be quartz, amethyst and I would say tigers eye. Quartz is the most common stone on the planet. Quartz is a power stone. It’s even used to power most watches, that alone should tell people how strong crystals can be. It enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Quartz also enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy. Amethyst, is my all time favorite, probably because it is my birthstone. But, it is a great stone for spiritual protection and in the psychic and spiritual realms, amethyst is an excellent all-purpose stone that can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and is said to be a sobering stone. Lastly, Tigers eye is a great stone for almost anyone. It is the stone I like to gift to people for birthdays and celebrations. Tigers eye is a protection stone and also works great for those who are easily stressed or have anxiety.

How did bath bombs and oil blends come into play and do you struggle with all the makers out there now?

The bath bombs were random and so much fun, once I came up with the idea to add crystals, so many other ideas came into play. Many people don’t know about the huge benefits of essential oils and their healing properties. I personally am very against pharmaceutical drugs and over the counter medicines, so essential oils were definitely the next step into offering our followers healing and pure products that can be used in many different ways. Our skull bottles are so cute and double the size of our competitors, for half the cost. Our 3 unique blends are so great for relaxation, aromatherapy and even mixing in with your favorite self care products.

What is your favorite item you’ve made, and why?

Probably our crystal exfoliating and moisturizing body polish. It is so buttery and everyone who tries it including myself, states that they can't shower with it! First it is a luscious body exfoliating scrub and then it turns into a soothing and smoothing body moisturizer - all while completely cleansing and cleaning your aura from the day or week, due to the Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt content. The sweet almond oil and Vitamin E leaves your skin as soft as a babies butt.

What is something you’ve both wanted to make and sell in the shop, but haven’t figured it out yet?

We are going to launch a full CBD line along with a luxury vegan silk bath line soon; with silk robes and slippers and so much more! The researching and figuring out just the perfect vendor for the job and all the backend and prices and quality of products that go with it, is always a mission,  but we will figure it out, we always do. This type of work is what separates true entrepreneurs. There is no such thing as not figuring it out - you just have to keep trying until you do. 

The site has a blog section, what are some of your favorite blogs to read and support?

Right when we first started, we found boss DIYer Rachel Metz, Living to DIY, and we just love how real she is and she is all about working hard to make your dreams happen!

Organic Olivia has been a huge inspiration to me! She is so amazing and her blog posts are so educational and informative, you can read one of her post and walk away just being in awe from everything you just learned. I also love and look up to “A Bikini A Day” with Tash and Dev. The way that they both branded themselves and their brand, is something that I look forward to doing. Lastly, and my dear soul sister and friend @activationvibration. If you just follow her and creep a little, it will be self-explanatory. Goddess. Hands down.

Besides baths, what are some things you both do together or separately, to zen out and have ‘me’ time?

I love to journal, two years ago I went to Thailand with my family and read a book by Louis Hay called,  You Can Heal Your Life and fell in love. My amazing friend Cristie De Los Reyes recommended it to me. That was the first time I incorporated positive affirmations into my daily routine, manifesting my desires through writing. Writing things down and asking the universe to give you what you are ready for (or in my case a lot of lessons needed)… as if I already had what I desired. Remember, “I am, I have, I love…” NOT “I want, I wish, I desire.” Other than journaling, I love to read, especially spiritual help books and novels, but lately I have been listening to Rene Brown on Audible in my car. The Power Of Vulnerability, I just finished and The Gifts Of Imperfections, both highly recommend. Lastly, when I am by myself, I love to put on a face mask and dive into my self care routines that keep my grounded.. and organize my room or plan out my days/week. Being a hermit, going into my sacred self care cave is my 'zen' time.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never attempted or done it?

I have tried a lot of things LOL. I am a risk taker and the most successful people in the world are also. I have no shame in admitting this, as a firm believer in you don't know - unless you try! I have been lucky enough to travel a lot and I can't wait to continue my travels! So many places I want to visits and restaurants I am dying to try! Other than that nothing else comes to mind. Very grateful for this life and family that I have. There is nothing that I truly have wanted to do but have not attempted - although starting my YOUTUBE channel took forever! Why is this scarier than skydiving?! lol 

What is your go to drink and food of choice?

I have learned not to label myself, as to label yourself in any aspect is limiting. I went through all my vegan, keto, pesktiarian phases and have learned what is best for my body and to be honest every human's body. And that is a plant based diet, high in alkaline water, I have a water filter by Pristine Hydro installed under my kitchen sink. Quality water is so important! I am and not a very picky eater at all, I enjoy the abundance of food mother earth naturally provides us...but my go to for food would be soups + Mediterranean, Thai or sushi - a simple California or veggie roll makes me happy. I love curry and making curry. It my staple 'Master Chef' worthy dish. I make a mean yellow vegan lemongrass cilantro curry for all my friends and family and they love it. Drink, sober wise, would be kombucha or alkaline water. Or, a lemon drop martini with ketel one! But I have found that alcohol is no longer needed in my life. It is a poison ;) My body likes me better without it. 

What are some of your favorite makers and brands to support?

Organic OliviaWitch I Love Your Hair, Synergy Soul, Activation Vibration, Leeoor Alexandra, The Trap Witch, Christina Sutra, Mallabella Jewels… any other independent light workers who are working on their own brands. Our entire motto here at Chasin' Unicorns, is community over competition. 

What’s a guilty pleasure that you’re embarrassed about?

If you asked me a year ago, I would have said that my guilty pleasure is sleeping in and taking entire days for self care. Multiple times a week! One of the luxurious of being self-employed. After learning about The Human Design and discovering that I am a projector, I know longer feel guilty about taking the time I need to rest, as a non-energy type. If you are new to The Human Design I highly suggest that you click here to find your type and educated yourself on your own design experiment. As a projector, we need extreme hours of rest and relaxation to recharge. So true self care is one of my most intimate passions and pleasures. One of my real life quilty pleasures is reality TV. It so so so BAD - but kinda good too? Haha, XX

Lastly, what’s one thing you would tell yourself 10 years back?

You are a rockstar, don’t listen to them, don’t get vaccinated. Don’t eat that shit and don’t cry because it won’t matter tomorrow, keep working towards your dreams and don't speak about them to skeptics. Nothing is wrong with you, you are different and gifted and you were not born to live the way you were conditioned to. Get a head start on the deconditioning now, because true inner bliss and unconditional love await you. My grandma always use to say “This too shall pass” so that has always been a life motto of mine to live by. All of my mistakes and heart breaks the past ten years, have lead me to this point and I am SO SO SO grateful for it all!

Woah woah woah, had badass and inspiring are these ladies? I really didn’t know what to expect going into this interview, but I feel like I just found 2 GIRL BOSSES to look up to!

Chasin’ Unicorns has so much growth coming up and I can’t wait to witness and support it! I hope you all do too.