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How To Make Shungite Alkaline Detox Water

I first heard of Elite Shungite when I was at a crystal expo and was attracted to its shininess. After learning more about all the amazing benefits, I bought a little piece for myself and started putting it in my daily water bottle. I then did more research online and was very surprised and happy to see so many others doing this and their positive experiences. I ended up ordering some more online and now I have two-gallon water dispensers that I allow my Elite Shungite to sit in, in my pantry, for days to weeks to get the most effective detox.

Elite Shungite transforms water into a living substance, while also removing harmful pollutants. It is one of the oldest crystals in the world, billions of years old and research has shown that Shugnite absorbs things that may be hazardous to health, whether it is pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, and the like, or EMF, microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical well-being and has a powerful effect on the immune system. Shungite infused water can help eliminate free radicals and pollutants, as an antibacterial and antiviral, and for prevention or lessening of the symptoms of the common cold and other diseases.

Shungite is widely known as a natural filter, helping to clean and mineralize the water. But it is almost important to note that the quality of your water is huge! Good quality water such as Kagen, Pristine Hydro, or your local water brewery is the water you should be consuming. Bottled or tap water is dangerous and has high amounts of fluoride. Shungite water provides a positive therapeutic effect and helps with a great number of diseases including skin related problems, chronic respiratory issues, headaches, aches in joints and muscles as well as the problems with the digestive system. Shungite water is known for its antioxidant effects.

In order to make Shungite water, you need to carefully wash Shungite stones before using them to get rid of any post-production dust and dirt.  The difference between regular Shungite and elite or noble Shungite is in the proportion of organic carbon in it. Regular Shungite contains from 35% to 60% of organic carbon while the percentage of carbon in Elite Shungite is much higher and totals from 92 to 98 percent. Due to this reason, Elite Shungite is more efficient in making alkaline water since it has a higher energy potential as a stone of the highest compound of fullerene carbon.

In order to make Shungite water, you can simply infuse Elite Shungite stone(s) per one liter of water for two or three days and drink it fresh. Shungite starts filtrating water within the first few hours, but the more you keep Shungite in the water, the more benefits you will receive. Stones are supposed to be cleaned and changed regularly.

Elite Shungite water is water infused with elite Shungite nuggets of different fraction sizes. Elite or Noble Shungite stones are known for their shiny silvery surface and the high percentage of carbon. Elite Shungite water stones absorb more than 95% of water-polluting elementsmineralize it and add a number of therapeutic effects.

After filtration with noble Shungite nuggets, it gets its own powerful energetic field letting you keep body and soul in harmony.


1- First thing you need to do when getting your Shungite is to cleanse it. In Russia, they recommend boiling water and then place the Shungite there to cleanse it even better. It is up to you what method you want to use, I have never boiled Shungite in water and use the brushing, but if the Shungite you get (from other sources than us) is really dirty, the second method is recommended.

2– In a large glass jar place 1 to 2 gallons of water and add 8-12 pieces of elite noble Shungite per gallon.  Or add just one stone to your daily drinking water jug. Let it rest for at least 4-6 hours (minimum) then you can start drinking the water. When you have almost finished the water, at night time before going to bed refill the jar with new water and let it with the Shungite overnight. The next day it will be ready for you to drink.

Crystal Healing For Women, “One of the questions I get about Shungite being acidic for alkaline for water.

Russian Experts, they will tell you that Shungite water is acidic. The more Shungite is left into water the more acidic it will become. When I asked about the Shungite river in Russia been known for it’s healing properties and purity of water, their answer was that this water (in the river) is flowing, contrary to water that is still in a jar or container. Hence making the water to become even more acidic. This in itself makes sense, at least to me. However and based on the test that I have done (see images of testing acidity in different water above) I have done Shungite water and it has turned my water from acid to alkaline, that is what the test strips showed when tested. I believe this could be because the water I initially used BEFORE adding the elite noble Shungite was extremely acid, so the Shungite not only removed contaminants but helped the water to become more alkaline as well. I recommend for you to do your own testing and experiment with different waters. The important thing here is to know is that Shungite water is very healthy for you.” – Source, Crystal Healing For Women

Shungite is a good grounding stone for those who are ready, need, or want changes in their lives. Shungite will help push you towards those changes. As for Shungite water…It definitely works at combating EMF and calms the environment down. As for the gradings and effectiveness. Elite Shungite maybe the prettiest but it is also the most fragile and shatters easily, so handle gently. If for any reason it breaks, still work just as effective.
Still, want to learn more about the miracle stone? Click here for a great book on it. 
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