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Three Ways to Use Oracle Cards (for Beginners)

By: The Self-Care Emporium


Oracle cards are like tarot cards less detailed sibling. They have their own power and energy that is different to the more traditional tarot cards, but they are perfect if you’re are a mega busy person or just looking for more generalised advice and guidance.

With tarot, you are really drilling down into the nitty gritty of the subconscious and it’s a very personal journey for each individual. Oracle cards are more about helping you see the bigger picture and giving you shots of wisdom and guidance, that could help you focus and set intention.

I like to think of oracle cards as a daily divination tool and tarot cards for more long term planning. If you’ve grabbed yourself an oracle deck recently, then here are three different ways you could use the cards for guidance.

One card daily readings

One of the most common ways to use oracle decks, especially for complete divination beginners, is a one card pull. Using the cards in this way gives you a focus for the day and tells you what the universe wants you to know that day. You can do these readings as often as you like, so it doesn’t have to be every day. It could be that you only draw a card when you’re in need of some spiritual and emotional support or guidance.

Moving forward two card spread

One of the things that the oracle cards are best at, is delivering clear and concise messages from the universe. These messages are not just what we need to know in order to move forward, they can also tell us what we need to leave behind. As we move forward in life, we can only carry so much, so we have to let go of the things that are weighing us down, in order to take on what promises to propel us forward.

This spread tells you what the universe needs you to let go of and leave in the past and what you should focus on in order to move forward, in a healthy and positive way.

Release and focus oracle spread

We can combine the first two oracle spreads in order to create a well rounded and effective oracle spread. This three card spread helps us to receive the main message the universe wants us to know and work on. It then goes on to tell us what we have to release in order to reach that goal and what we need to remember or focus on, in order to fully embrace this universal message.

What oracle cards to choose?

There are lots of oracle cards to choose from and it depends on how much experience you have with them, which will determine the ones that are best for you. Remember to also think about which illustrations connect with you the most. Art speaks to us and can connect with our emotions better than any other medium, so the illustrations of your oracle cards are very important.

Here at The Self-Care Emporium, we love the oracle decks created by Rebecca Campbell and artist Danielle Noel. These cards are not only beautifully illustrated, containing a huge amount of divine feminine energy, but also have a way of helping you visualise and process your subconscious thoughts.

The messages on these oracle cards are also very detailed and easy to understand and really help to deliver those universal messages to our conscious minds.

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