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How To Choose a Crystal

The best way to choose a crystal when you are looking for one is to pay attention to it and to see if you are drawn to it or not. Is a certain one speaking to you? Or standing out more than others? Rather than looks or colors you should pick a crystal by how you feel around or about it. If you find a crystal that really calls to you, use that one for your healing work. Chances are, it is calling for a reason.

Have you ever been naturally drawn to one stone and just have no idea why? Even the “not so pretty” ones? Everyone’s experience with crystals is unique. While I can share my experiences, in the end, all that matters are yours. So I encourage you to try and allow yourself to be open to whatever sensations you notice. Be in the moment when you hold a crystal and observe how you feel. Pay attention to what you think and sense. Let your experience convince you which crystal is meant for you. Use your intuition.

From all my experiences with myself and many others, the crystals that we are most drawn to are the ones with that specific healing property/alignment that is needed most for our highest self, growth, and healing at that moment in time…

My First Crystal

A few times I have been so drawn to a crystal and when I look up the meaning I am shocked at how well the description of the crystal correlates with my current life situations and lessons.

The very first piece of crystal jewelry I ever bought for myself, I subconsciously picked out an Amethyst necklace. Not even having known that it was own my birthstone for my Zodiac sign as a Pisces, a feminine water sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces the last month in the astrological year and it is in this sign we see some of the best qualities of all the other signs, representing an accumulation of learning and chameleon, jack of all trades, type persona. We lead very “fluid” lives (Pisces, the fish), going with the flow rather than specific life plans…more fantasy bound than reality bound, idealist rather than realist… Being very sensitive, it is important that Pisces take care and protect ourselves from other people's negative emotions and manipulations and amethyst is a great stone for this!

Amethyst can boost the production of hormones and can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands to optimum performance. Is also said to be highly beneficial in treating insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. Figuring this out was so exciting for me at the time, because it was so interesting that I was drawn to that first crystal. All crystals in my collection I have chosen because I just have an inner knowing, gut feeling that it was meant for me. So when people ask me "what do you recommend for beginners," kinda, defeats the purpose of one diving deeper and just listening to their own intuition, what their body or mind chooses. Go with what feels right or do some research before or after for any specific intention you may have or want to bring to life. I recommended going and picking a crystal based on intuition, and then go home and research that crystal and it's meaning. 

What Crystals Can Heal

“So how exactly can a crystal heal or help us? In truth, crystals don’t cause healing. They vibrate with the energy already inside of you and your body absorbs and entrains, so it is you who does the healing, drawing in that energy.

Your Body is the physical aspect of you. Crystals can help balance bodily energies and bring about physical changes such as relieving headaches, low energy and exhaustion. Some have even healed deeper alignments, depending on their intention and focus, such as curing a persistent sore throat.

Your Mind is both physical (brain, nervous system) and nonphysical (emotions, dreams, thoughts, etc.). The vibrations in crystals can help balance energies of the mind to bring healing, such as stress, emotional issues, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, depression, grief, or lack of enthusiasm.

Your Spirit is the part of you that is purely nonphysical. Crystals can assist in balancing spiritual energies such as beliefs, unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. They help facilitate communication to your higher self or higher power.” - By Crystals for Beginners, Karen Frazier.

How To Program Your Crystals

Because crystals vibrate on a higher frequency they can also be programmed with intention. What would you like to bring more of into your life? Joy? Self-love? Organization? Etc. Put that intention into your crystal.

  • First, choose a crystal that resonates with your desired intention or chooses one that is speaking to you the strongest.
  • Get cozy with your crystal in your sacred space. Doesn’t need to be elaborate…just any space you can be quiet in is special to you & allows you to focus on the task and special intention at hand.
  • Get into a clear & relaxed state by taking a few deep breaths. You can use some meditation music to help with this as well (here’s Christina Sutra’s Playlist that is so soothing and helps one mellow down. She has a few great playlists at this link so choose one that resonates with you). 
  • Write your intention down on a small piece of paper so you can refer to it or in your journal, or in your mind's eye. For example, “I will work together with this crystal to achieve self-love & healthy confidence” or “I will work with this crystal to have a calm & anxiety-free week.” The options are endless! 
  • Place the crystal at your third eye and visualize yourself LIVING your intention in your mind's eye.  How would it feel? How would it sound when you’ve achieved that intention? Really use your senses to visualize you HAVING that intention as reality & then visualize shooting that “vision” from your third eye right into the crystal-like a laser-beam of light.
  • Now hold your crystal over your heart as you send your feelings of gratefulness. Gratefulness that we’ve been provided with such healing tools + supports to assist us here on Mama Earth School. Gratefulness that your intention has already been set & is coming to fruition. Manifestation wheels are already rolling! Feel the joy of that & let it flow from your heart into your lovely crystal ally. And say a heartfelt “Thank you”.
  • Now, take a deep breath & you’re all done.

1.     Cleanse        2.      Charge      3.      Activate

And remember; What we think or believe about ourselves and the world becomes our reality.

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