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The Leo Rose Ritual Box

We want to make sure each month when you receive your self-care box from us that you know exactly how to use all the items together as a monthly ritual you will look forward to. 

The easiest way to make sure you don’t sleep on your self-care is to literally put it in your schedule like an appointment. Just like you would if you were going to see the dentist; block out time for your self-care.

This month we are channeling Leo energy for our last zodiac themed box! While we are sad this chapter is ending, we are so READY for you to enjoy what we have planned for the future of Chasin’ Unicorns.

Use your intuition this month and let your ancestors guide you by channeling through our crystal pendulum and using the Sacred Rebels oracle deck from Alana Fairchild.

Shuffle through the deck and close your eyes. You can draw cards intuitively, or choose to fan the cards out and lay them down and choose a few cards that call to you. Using the pendulum, ask a question and allow the pendulum to move in an unassisted movement. If it moves in a clockwise direction  this indicates a yes, a counterclockwise direction means no.

Dim the lights of your bathroom and light your favorite incense and candles. While drawing a bath drop some of our Heart Chakra oil and Cleopatra's Love bath salts into the water. 

Breathe in the scents of rose, lavender and jasmine and step in. Our July box comes with our OG Tainted Love crystal bath bomb infused with the scents of vanilla and rose. Take another deep breath as you place it into the water and wait for it to dissolve to find your mystery crystal inside!

End your night lathering your skin and hair in our Heart Chakra oil and head to bed in our vegan silk eye mask to block out any light, ensuring a restful night sleep. 

We LOVE to see you using our products! Be sure to tag us on social media so we can share your post and you can inspire others to take time for self-care too! 

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